Using Technology in Direct Mail: Read & Print

By: Andrew Glover
September 11, 2018

Sending direct mail to your members is a surefire way of keeping them connected to your organization and to promote any new activities your organization may have. To ensure that you’ll get responses from your members or gain the support of prospective members, it is important to add personalization to your mail pieces. Personalizing mail pieces shows individuals how much your organization values them and also enhances your organization’s brand. Organizations can personalize mail pieces and reach out to target groups much easier through the use of direct mail technology.

Direct Mail Read & Print Technology Explained

In today’s society, technology has become a significant part of many industries and products. Technology is now being used more in direct mail processes. Technology such as inserting and sorting systems are being used to improve traditional methods of direct mail and to create engaging experiences with members and improve response rates. These technologies can speed up direct mail outputs and efficiently tailor mail pieces for recipients.

Direct mail campaigns can be a tedious and time-consuming process. By using technological systems, organizations can reduce some of the stress of having to complete mail pieces by hand. Advanced printers and inserters offer efficiency, variability, and simplicity all while personalizing mail pieces per individual.

Using a print + messenger system, for example, allows organizations to produce high quality, full-color mail pieces at faster rates. Such systems readily identify and address recipients in virtually no time and can produce fully addressed and customized mail pieces in high volumes. Mail inserting machines greatly benefit the production of direct mail in marketing campaigns. Below are a few key benefits associated with mail inserter, sorter, and printer systems:

Error Minimization

Direct mailing processes completed by hand or with traditional inserting machines are susceptible to errors. Using advanced, highly efficient inserting systems can minimize the possibility of errors and improve member experiences. Advanced inserting and printing systems, such as those used by Valtim Marketing Solutions, often have features that allow them to automatically read and accurately assemble and place variable images onto each recipient’s envelope.

Time Saving

High efficiency means advanced printing and inserting systems can save organizations valuable time during direct mail campaigns. With speeds up to 20,000 pieces per hour, these machines quickly identify the individual mail piece using a numeric value embedded in a 2D barcode to match the mail record to the intended recipient. The components of the mail piece are inserted to the carrier, and a variable message that matches that persons mail record is then applied to the outside envelope. The processes is so quick it is almost impossible to see without a slow-motion camera.

Cost Efficiency and ROI

Providing a more efficient mailing process means less money spent on fixing errors, hiring additional workers, envelope storage and and other logistical costs. When operations are more efficient, costs also decrease. With the use of mail inserting technologies, there is no need to buy pre-printed envelopes that ultimately cost more than plain white envelopes. With advanced inserting and printing technology, organizations can simply use and customize plain white envelopes to send to members and are more likely to see increased response rates and donations due to direct mail personalization.

Let Valtim Use Direct Mail Technology for Your Next Campaign

With new mail inserting technology, mail inserting machines can use 2D barcodes to identify the intended recipient of a letter and then print a personalized 4-color variable message on a closed face envelope. This results in a better open rate and a highly personalized and more genuine message to your mail list that Valtim has seen increase response rates by as much as 40%. Contact Valtim now to see how we can help you use direct mail inserting technology for your next campaign.

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