Direct Mail Messaging: 5 Tips to Make Direct Mail Unique

By: Andrew Glover
April 28, 2020
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The key to a strong direct mail marketing campaign is creating a piece that will grab the recipients’ attention. Some of the most innovative and efficient advertising delivers through the mail. Your organization needs to stand out among the crowd. You want to attract and captivate your audience. Designing a unique mailer with a targeted message to your audience is an excellent way of appearing unique compared to others. 

Here are five tips that will help you make unique direct mail messaging for your next campaign. 

Personalize Your Pieces

Personalization enhances your prospects’ inclination to read your direct mail piece by creating a sense of familiarity. It is best to use audience segmentation before starting the personalization step because this is how you are determining who your target individuals are for your project. You can segment your prospects by demographic, behavior, the buyer’s journey process, their level of engagement, or even what device they use. After you have segmented your audience, you can easily choose the best option for personalizing your campaign.

You can personalize each piece with the person’s name and build the message around your audience so that it speaks directly to them. Messaging speaks directly to the person you are mailing compared to a generic message you can send through email or social media. The more specific you are in direct mail, the more likely your audience is to appreciate and value your message.

Do Not Assume Your Audience Knows Everything

An educated prospect is one that is more willing to commit to your organization. Your headline should draw the reader to your body copy, which is your most powerful tool. When a prospect is compelled by an enticing headline and provoking imagery, they will crave more information instantly. Include essential information on the mail piece. Start from the beginning and be direct. Provide as much detail as you can in five sentences or less. The reader is most likely scanning your mailer, so use words that are easy to understand but are descriptive enough to communicate your message accurately.

Use What You Know

If you know your prospects and members inside and out, use that information in your mailer. Meeting your potential members where they are is an excellent way to quickly attain trust. Become familiar with your target audience so you can be specific about your mailing list. Consider demographics like gender, age, income, climate, leisure activities, and more when deciding where you will mail each piece. The more you use information that has been hard-earned in the years past, the better your response rates will be for your marketing campaign.

Ask, and You Will Receive

You need to know what action you want your mail piece to elicit, and then ask for it in your call-to-action (CTA). If there is no CTA, your direct mail piece is only creating brand recognition. When you include a number for the reader to call, ask them to make the call. When you provide a website to visit, ask the reader to visit the site. Ask, suggest, and encourage your audience to respond to your piece. Make the information accessible, easy to read, and useful.

Do Not Insult Your Prospect’s Intelligence

Avoid using cheesy tag lines that may insult your prospect’s intelligence. Do not use bold with italics, ALL CAPS, or multiple exclamation points as these are visual cues for junk mail. Be innovative in what you show. The goal of your message is to entice your audience. You want them to complete a story in their minds of how your organization solves a problem. Involving your audience lengthens the time they take in looking at your mailer and improves the odds they will take in the information they need to make a decision for your organization.

Unique Direct Mail with Valtim

Valtim offers segmentation services that will help your organization narrow down its target audience before starting a direct mail project. Once you have determined your ideal audience, we can help guide you through building a message that will speak directly to your prospects or members. Our experienced workers will provide you with messaging tips so that your content is unique, which will help your organization stand out from the others in your industry.

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