How Can Drop Stops Impact Direct Mail Campaigns?

Saturation mailing is when you send a mailer out by targeting all the addresses in a mail carrier route. Organizations send this type of mailer when they are targeting an audience in a specific area. There are no limitations on the size of your mail pieces, so you can take advantage of brochures, flyers, letters, […]

How to Get a Direct Mail Mailing List

The mailing list is a crucial component for every direct mail marketing project. You don’t want to send your creatively designed mailers to the wrong audience. If you do send your mailers to the wrong people, you end up wasting time and money. Potential donors may also see your organization as disorganized. Segmentation is a […]

Audience Segmentation: 5 Types of Segmentation for Marketing Campaigns

Audience segmentation is a more refined approach towards messaging individuals and distributing materials. The process of audience segmentation involves organizing your contacts into smaller groups, or subgroups, so you can provide them with the content they most need. This approach allows you to create a more focused message for the different subgroups your organization serves. […]