How Can Drop Stops Impact Direct Mail Campaigns?

By: Andrew Glover
July 22, 2020

Saturation mailing is when you send a mailer out by targeting all the addresses in a mail carrier route. Organizations send this type of mailer when they are targeting an audience in a specific area. There are no limitations on the size of your mail pieces, so you can take advantage of brochures, flyers, letters, catalogs, and more. However, the postal cost varies based on the size and weight of your mail pieces. Depending on your pieces, saturation mailings are a cost-effective method because you receive the lower postage rate available.

There are several intricacies when it comes to a saturation mailer that you should be aware of before implementing your direct mail campaign. One of the most important things for you to understand is drop stops (also known as drop addresses).

What Is a Drop Stop?

A drop stop or drop address is a delivery point where a postal worker drops a bundle of advertising materials. For instance, an apartment complex is one drop, but that location may have 100 individual apartment units within the building. That means one stop for 100 drops, which results in a single address for everyone living in the apartment building.

The postal employee takes a stack of however many addresses there are for that drop stop and drops them off at a point of destination, whether it be a table in front of the mailboxes or inside the apartment office. Most of these mail pieces will not get delivered to each individual mailbox.

Return on Investment

Drop stops and drop addresses can decrease your ROI because they are not guaranteed to get into the intended recipient’s hands. Your mail piece will sit in the drop location and run the risk of someone taking all the coupons or throwing them in the trash. For those reasons, you may see lower response rates for your saturation marketing campaign if the targeted area covers a zip code with a large number of apartment complexes or other buildings with a number of drop stops.

You must work with a skilled direct mail company to avoid drop addresses because they have the proper software to identify the drop locations.

Targeted Direct Mail

If you get your message to the wrong people, your campaign can turn into a disaster. Targeted direct mail is an excellent alternative to saturation mailing. Using a targeted mailing list helps you reach the right audience every time. You have more control over who receives your message. You can segment your criteria in many different ways and be as specific as you want with who you are targeting.

You can tailor your message toward the needs and desires of your targeted prospect. The more relevant your content is, the more responses and engagement you will receive. Some examples of targeted mailing lists include businesses based on location, current members, renters or homeowners, pet owners, new parents, and high-income households. But the targeting options are limitless, and you can build a mailing list around any prospect or member you want to interact with during your campaign.

How to Create a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

Direct mail is a powerful marketing tool. Before launching a campaign, ask yourself who you want to target and the right message to send. Based on your targeted audience, you can determine if saturation marketing or targeted marketing would be the best approach. You should use a direct mail company either way because you can ensure your mailing list avoids drop stops and only goes to your intended audience. A direct mail company can also help you build the right message for your audience so that your response rates and ROI are the best.

Avoiding Drop Stops with Valtim

Valtim can identify drop stops, tell you their location, and remove them from your mailing list. If saturation mailing is the best for your direct mail campaign, we can help enhance your campaign responses by eliminating drop stops from the mailing route. But we can also help you build a targeted mailing list if you would prefer a targeted direct mail approach. We can help you establish the best mailing option for your campaign goals.

Contact Valtim today for a consultation regarding your mailing list and mail program. We will gladly help you remove drop stops and optimize your direct mail campaign.

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