QR Code Trends for 2020 Include Direct Mail QR Codes

By: Andrew Glover
March 12, 2020
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QR codes are scannable 2D codes that initiate a particular action. Scanning the code can lead to a website visit, help someone download an application, or direct a person to a social media profile, among other options. QR codes first became popular around 2011 when smartphones were becoming more heavily used. The little squares were everywhere, but then they started disappearing. 

No one fully understood how to use them, and they were riddled with issues, mainly because smartphone internet speeds were slow and prevented quick code execution. However, within the past few years, QR codes have re-emerged. Let’s see how you can use QR codes in 2020 and how you can integrate them into your next direct mail campaign. 

Are QR Codes Still Relevant?

QR codes are more relevant than ever before. These two-dimensional bar codes are in far wider usage than many people realize. For instance, if you buy a movie, concert, or plane ticket, you have likely enjoyed the convenience of not needing to print the documents. Instead, you have a QR code sent to your phone. Popular apps use QR codes, too, including Snapchat.

One of the key factors which revamped QR codes was the advancement of smartphone technology. Most smartphones can now scan QR codes using the built-in camera. The iPhone camera started to read QR codes in 2017, and that led to every other brand following behind and adding the same feature. Now, very few marketing professionals doubt the reliability and potential of QR codes. 

The Value Of QR Codes

QR codes serve many functions and bring great value to marketers. You can use them to link to a website or landing page or design the codes to send a text message or email. They can direct members to leave a review on Yelp or similar sites. You can also use QR codes to let someone view a message or access a special offer. Your organization can use QR codes with any offline ad that drives prospects to the next step in the buying process. Some offline ad examples include event posters, brochures, flyers, business cards, conference displays, postcards, and other forms of direct mail.

How To Use QR Codes In Direct Mail

You can and should use QR codes in direct mail. With advancements in QR code technologies and applications, you don’t even need to sacrifice your ad’s creative appeal anymore. There are many ways to keep the barcode scannable while keeping it visually appealing.

QR codes help you bridge your offline and online advertising channels. They provide more in-depth analytics and an overall, more cohesive marketing campaign. These scannable codes help you track how a prospect found you, and what real-world interactions helped a purchase decision.

What QR Codes Offer

QR codes allow you to give more information. You can place QR codes on product packaging or anywhere on direct mail without sacrificing much space. This is beneficial because it shows your brand is transparent and willing to provide all the information that the prospect needs to know before making a purchasing decision. It also gives you more physical real estate on the product or mailer so you can design an aesthetically pleasing piece.

One of the most popular trends in QR codes in 2020 is customized codes. Customized QR codes allow members to recognize your brand easily. Making the codes look fun will motivate the prospect to scan the QR code and, in return, boost traffic and conversion for you.

Including QR Codes in Your Direct Mail with Valtim

QR codes are here to stay in 2020. They provide a necessary bridge between your print mail and the digital world. There are many options available for QR codes now, and you no longer are limited to plain black and white square boxes. Valtim can help you with the implementation of QR codes in your next direct mail project.

Reach out to Valtim to see how we can identify the best way to connect your print and digital marketing so your organization can achieve its maximum return on investment.

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