The Importance of Neuromarketing Research on Direct Mail

By: Andrew Glover
February 3, 2020

The biggest challenge for today’s marketers is getting better results while spending less money. Understanding the fundamental roots of human emotion is critical in comprehending a member’s behavior. The beauty of neuromarketing is its ability to integrate into both an inbound and outbound marketing strategy. Awareness of marketing tactics can impact your efforts in the best way to get better results with less money.

Neuromarketing is when you design your content to elicit a particular neurological reaction that is associated with buying or emotions linked to buying. This emerging field combines the insights of multiple disciplines, including neuroscience and psychology, to answer questions about marketing, member behavior, and advertising phenomena.

What Is Neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing is a formal study of the brain’s response towards advertising and branding. An adjustment of those messages is made based on the feedback to generate even better responses. Researchers use technologies, including functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and electroencephalograph (EEG) to measure distinct varieties of brain activity in response to advertising information. With these details, the organizations learn why members make the decisions they do and what areas of the brain are prompting them to do so.

How Does Neuromarketing Work?

By using neuromarketing, you can rethink your marketing strategies and create smarter marketing that boosts the effectiveness of your efforts. The goal is to understand how your members’ brains work and what effects your marketing has on the population of prospects. Observing neurophysiological measurements allows researchers to reach conclusions about people at three stages of the buying process, including exposure of information, retrieval of information, and action. If you understand the person’s subconscious responses, you can optimize your marketing strategies and determine when to use direct mail, digital advertisements, or use a combination of both.

How to Use Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing studies have added significant value to marketing. Here are a few helpful techniques neuromarketing has found to help improve direct mail campaigns.

Use Simple Fonts

Using simple fonts helps encourage action. People are more likely to fill out a form that is easy to read and simplified as much as possible. People are genuinely affected by simple and complicated fonts. Using complex fonts causes friction, and people are less likely to act. You will receive better responses by keeping your font simple.

Memory Benefits of Complex Fonts

Simple fonts are best for forms and instructional details. However, it you’ll find value in complex fonts when you need to boost a member’s memory. A complex font is memorable and grabs more attention visually. Don’t use elaborate fonts for your logo, phone number, or tag line, though.

Use Images to Direct Attention

People follow the gaze of the featured animal or person’s gaze. Make sure the image you use is looking at what you want the viewer focusing on in your direct mail. Using the photo’s gaze to pull the reader’s attention towards a vital message helps focus their eyes on what’s important to you.

Gain Trust by Showing Trust

Trust is crucial when it comes to referrals, prospects, and building a credible organization. If you want your members to trust you, they have to feel trusted as well. You can demonstrate trust with your members by offering a trial with a few limitations, establish credit without long forms or a lengthy screening process, and by providing confidential information without making them sign a non-disclosure agreement. The more trust you show a prospect, the more likely they are in becoming a committed member.

Smiles Are Welcoming

A quick way you can show personality and humanize your brand is by using a smiling photo instead of a serious picture. Using a smiling person is a mood booster and can impact your member’s willingness to contribute.

Personalized Marketing with Valtim

Valtim guides all our clients through the process of direct mail marketing. We assist with the design and make suggestions on each step of the way. We want all our clients to be successful with each marketing campaign. Neuromarketing studies have greatly helped guide the direction of direct mail messages. Many studies have shown what people respond well to and what they don’t like. By following these recommendations, you can see better outcomes from your marketing efforts. Contact Valtim to see how we can personalize your next direct mail project by following neuromarketing suggestions.

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