How to Use Direct Mail for Inbound Marketing

By: Andrew Glover
July 19, 2019
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Most organizations often view inbound and outbound marketing strategies as an either/or situation. But both marketing attempts achieve better results when their forces are combined. Multi-channel marketing is the perfect way to combine both inbound and outbound strategies.

All marketing focuses on hitting the right target with the right message every time. But with direct mail, you don’t always want to push prospects to act immediately. Instead, you may want your prospective members to connect on a deeper level to your inbound channels. When you connect your prospects to your inbound channels, you can track their preferences, develop closer connections, and provide the relevant materials needed to lead them towards conversion. Inbound marketing is all about obtaining successful conversions.

Inbound Marketing Strategies

Multi-channel marketing focuses on efforts in many different marketing channels. When you use both an online and offline marketing approach, you can effectively reach a larger number of people. Not everyone can be successfully reached through direct mail only or online only. So, taking an inbound approach through the mail and then leading people to your online flow provides a more encompassing marketing outreach. Covering all your bases will give an overall better outcome for your marketing goals.

Here are a few of ways to use direct mail for your inbound marketing strategies.

Attract New Leads

People have a much higher level of trust in direct mail rather than online marketing. When you are reaching out to a new prospect, send a postcard introducing them to your company. You can offer them a free product or discount if they visit a specified page on your website.

It’s critical to keep your introduction simple. Many organizations include too much information when they send their first communication to prospective members. Keep the greeting simple, and then you can follow up with prospects at a later time.

Refine Your Targeting

Direct mail campaigns can reach a higher level of demographic specificity than online marketing options. Target your audience offline, then move them to your online environment. Once your audience is online, you will capture their email address and can nurture them with great content and a solid inbound strategy.

Drive Traffic to Your Content

The online world holds a never-ending stream of information and ideas. The internet provided a never-ended flow of information that is both positive and negative. The abundance of available options is overwhelming, and not everyone knows who to trust.

Driving traffic to your content is easy though with a mailer. You can send a mailer to a prospect and direct them to where they can find more information, like your website.

Reinforce Your Digital Marketing

Direct mail is an effective way to supplement an ongoing inbound marketing strategy. You can easily promote upcoming events and share time-sensitive offers with a postcard mailer. The postcards can direct people to your registration page online. You may find that you can reach people through the mail that may not have ever seen you in the saturated digital space. Direct mail lets you cover your bases and add one more entry point for new members to find their way into your channel.

Track Campaign Performance

Direct mail campaigns are highly measurable. You can use unique tracking phone numbers, URLs, or registration codes. Then you can trace every lead back to its source. After tracking the lead back to the source, you can determine how much success direct mail is adding to your inbound strategy.

Inbound Marketing with Valtim

Direct mail can be an effective way to get the momentum moving on your inbound marketing project. Use direct mail to target prospects offline, then lead them online.
Valtim offers numerous options regarding inbound marketing. We can assist your organization with targeted direct mail marketing. Depending on what your marketing goals are, we can help you create a message that will bring the mailer recipients to your online platforms. By using a multi-channel marketing approach, you will reach more prospective members rather than only using a single method.

Valtim’s direct mail postcards are a great way to introduce yourself to prospective members. We can help create a simple, straightforward message to help drive the receiver’s curiosity, which will encourage them to learn more about your mission.

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