How to Drive Traffic Back Online with Direct Mail

By: Andrew Glover
August 5, 2019

Driving traffic back online with direct mail is a great way to combine your digital and physical marketing platforms. But how does an organization go about driving traffic online with a direct mail piece? The key is for you to create a compelling direct mail piece, choose the right mailing list, and create a message that resonates with your targeted audience.

Cross-channel marketing allows your organization to interact with members on many different platforms. Instead of just focusing on digital or only focusing on mail, you can bring the two together. The combined efforts create better results for both platforms. You can reach new and long-time members through direct mail channels who may have not ever seen you in the digital space. Digital and physical can work wonders together and positively promote your mission.

Ways to Drive Traffic Online

There are many ways to drive traffic back online with direct mail. Your primary focus should be to make the journey easy for the receiver. Whatever you decide to put in your mailer, make sure it’s easy for the receiver to understand. The more natural the message is, the more likely they will be to follow your path to your online platform.
Then, try to mirror your online message to your direct mail message, and expand upon it in key areas. People will recognize your message and be more receptive to learning more about your organization. If your online and mail messages don’t have many similarities, however, it may leave the individual feeling lost or even misled.

Let’s look at some of the options available for driving traffic online.

QR Codes

Using QR codes in your direct mail messages is a great way to drive traffic online. You can use QR codes for several actions, including directing members to a landing page, dialing your business number, sending a message or email, downloading an app, viewing your business location, and directing customers to social media pages. Whatever you want to accomplish, you can integrate QR codes into a postcard or any mailer. They are easy for people to use and provide an easy and direct path to where you want the person to go.

Social Media Targeting

Including your social media names and pages in your direct mail is a great way to bring members to your online community. As mentioned above, you can use a QR code to direct people to your social media. But there are other ways to mix in your social media names and links into whichever mailer you prefer. Almost everyone uses some form of social media now. Your organization can stay in touch with members and give updates a lot quicker in an online setting. So pointing your members to your pages will continue to grow your member base and strengthen your connection with existing donors.

Special URLs

You need to share a compelling reason for people to visit your website. You can dedicate specific URLs to certain groups of members. For instance, you could include unique sign up links for teachers, police officers, firefighters, or any other particular group who you believe may be uniquely interested in your organization. By incorporating designated sign-up links, you give members more potential to connect with others with similar interests. It also shows them that your organization is interested in individuals with similar interests and goals. This type of connection can help drive your mail responses online in a way that helps improve your sign-up rates.

Driving Traffic Online with Valtim

Valtim knows that print and digital work better together. You don’t want to limit yourself by focusing on only one marketing medium. Your organization will expand better when you market through printed methods and point the receiver to your digital world. Our data-driven printing capabilities can help your organization send direct mail pieces with a digital direction.

Let Valtim help you find the best solution for your organization.

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