How Do Direct Mail Inserts Boost Response Rates?

By: Andrew Glover
September 23, 2019

Did you know direct mail inserts can potentially boost response rates and improve a mail campaign’s success? You can include inserts to help explain your mission and your offer. Inserts enhance the value of the benefits offered and they help reduce any reluctance the receiver may have to respond.

By following some suggested guidelines with inserts, you can see improved response rates with your next direct mail campaign. The headline and the offer must be attention-grabbing to compete with the other package contents. Keep the offer simple with as little fine print as possible. Make your inserts easy to respond to or the receiver may lose interest quickly. Use QR codes, phone numbers, or URL’s to keep the offers simple while allowing the person to seek more details in an online setting.

Mail Inserts Boost Responses

Direct mail inserts are a great addition for your marketing plan. There are several ways to easily integrate inserts into your next campaign. Here a couple of points to consider when choosing what to include on your next insert.

Emphasize Your Guarantee

Members have plenty of reasons not to respond to an offer. But a guarantee helps remove the hesitation that might jeopardize their commitment. When you feature your guarantee in a separate insert, it will draw attention to your promise for an exceptional member experience. You will need to include your assurance in the letter, as well, but by adding extra detail to an insert emphasizes the commitment. When you provide a guarantee, you can help boost your response rates.

Promote Back-End Premium

Premiums can motivate members to act and can increase the profitability of your marketing campaign. Use an insert to promote your premium. Premiums can enhance the perceived value of the offer and allow you to describe the features in full detail. For instance, offering additional perks to respondents can motivate them to act. Including the details of perks in a direct mail insert makes the offer more appealing to the reader. If you include too much detail in your letter, it may distract the receiver from your writing.

Expand The Mailings Offer

A direct mail insert is a great place to introduce additional benefits, discounts, and special privileges. You can mention these topics in your letter. But using a separate insert to elaborate on your offer provides more attention and increase the perceived intrigue and value.

Customize To Your Audience

If you are unable to customize a letter to your intended audience, you can opt to include a personalized direct mail insert instead. Customized inserts are a cost-effective method to message different audiences. You can offer different premiums, explain various benefits, or speak more directly to the needs of the targeted audience.

How To Use Inserts

There are many great ways to use direct mail inserts to boost your response rates. Any of the above methods will help improve responses. Another great option for non-profits is to describe the organization’s ongoing projects within the members home state. You can include details about current projects in your letter. But the message will be better received in an insert because it won’t distract from your overall letter.

You can also use lightweight paper materials for inserts which allows you to minimize additional costs associated with shipping.

Direct Mail Inserts with Valtim

Valtim will help you find the best materials and sizing to make your inserts stand out from your letter. We can help you draw attention to your message and increase the number of people who read your direct mail. Inserts are a powerful and cost-effective tool you can use to boost response rates. Valtim can help you design, print, and deliver your next mail campaign with featured mail inserts.

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