Here’s Why Direct Mail is Important for Multi-channel Marketing

By: Andrew Glover
June 10, 2019
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Multi-channel marketing is all about choice. This type of marketing approach involves indirectly and directly interacting with members using a combination of channels, such as direct mail, websites, email, mobile, mail order catalogs, etc. The essential aspect is recognizing the member’s preferred channel of choice and using that to the advantage of promoting your organization.

As the amount of channels continues to grow, the need to embrace multi-channel marketing will be a necessary approach to reaching out to your members. Remember the phrase, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? Multi-channel marketing helps you avoid this scenario and allows you to experience many benefits. Here are some of the benefits multi-channel marketing can provide your organization.

Better Outreach

Organizations that use multi-channel marketing have a much better chance of communicating with and building a relationship with more members. This improved outreach gives an organization a competitive edge that members have come to expect. It’s prevalent for members to browse an organizations website via a laptop or smartphone, ask questions on social media, and read through information from a direct mail envelope. Giving your members multiple channels to reach you allows for all over better outreach.

Improved Personalization

Multi-channel marketing mimics a customer’s behavior and empowers organizations to personalize their efforts. Following a multi-channel approach allows you to reach the right person in the right place at the right time. Organizations can familiarize themselves with their members’ preferences and cater to the platforms they prefer.

The improved personalization allows your messaging to stay consistent. Focusing on a multi-channel strategy allows you to present a consistent message across touch points, which is always a struggle for less-organized organizations. When you share the right message at the right time and continue to share that message over time, you ensure that your message hits home consistently.

Boosted Exposure

Multi-channel marketing makes sense. The more your organization actively boosts the marketing, the better. It’s very unlikely, maybe even impossible, for an organization to boost its exposure by only using one marketing channel. The more your organization is “out there,” the more likely people are to find you. The more exposure you have across multiple channels allows for people to remember your mission and seek to locate you again.

This type of exposure allows your organization to reach out to prospective members with minimal hassle. The multi-channel approach means can always catch the prospective member at their best moment and in the best way. Reaching members through online and offline methods guarantees the best exposure because hit every system a person may come across.

Better ROI

Marketers are always checking to make sure their outreach attempts are on the right track. Organizations want to know that their efforts are paying off in the right way. On average, multi-channel marketing campaigns see an increase of 24% on their ROI.

To survive the screen epidemic, organizations will need to make multi-channel marketing a necessary ingredient to their organization’s communication efforts. People are connected everywhere, and it’s critical to remember what works and what doesn’t work. Some members may prefer their interactions through direct mail, while others may appreciate direct mail but use the website a bit more. Having multiple channel options broadens your interaction and keeps your members engaged in numerous ways.

Multi-Channel Needs Direct Mail

Direct mail will always be your best option to help convey the sense of intimacy that many members appreciate. Pieces can be customized with different colors, fonts, and textures, so the recipient feels a unique amount of consideration went into the planning. Direct mail can be targeted in a fashion that other digital tools are not nearly as equipped to accomplish. Direct mail allows organizations to easily target specific segments of the population that are most likely to be receptive to the content.

Valtim and Multi-Channel Marketing

Valtim can help with your organization’s multi-channel marketing needs. We can assist with direct mail campaigns as well as other marketing approaches. Let Valtim help expand your mission and the growth of your membership by helping with your next marketing project and multi-channel approach.

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