Direct Mail vs. Digital Advertising: Which is Better for Marketing?

By: Andrew Glover
October 10, 2019
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Direct mail is one of the oldest and most effective advertising channels. It continues to provide excellent results in every industry and category. Even still, digital marketing methods are on everyone’s tongue, despite some often poor response rates. Direct mail, however, offers one of the highest and most reliable ROI’s of any advertising channel. When you use direct mail correctly, it can help you expand their advertising options immensely.

Physical mail is a better advertising platform for many reasons. It consistently outperforms digital advertising with better response rates and ROI. But most organizations need to embrace multi-channel marketing to ensure they are reaching both the online and offline world. Successful advertising involves indirectly and directly interacting with new and current members across many marketing channels. Starting with direct mail will allow your organization to merge both platforms for a seamless marketing approach.

Why is Direct Mail Better?

Direct mail is what you make it. It’s a better option compared to digital because you can personalize the experience each time without coming across as obtrusive. People are inundated with online communications all day, so when a mailer arrives at their home, it is better received than yet another on-page ad. Mailers allow you to stay present and keep in contact with members without bothering them online with an ad during their day.

Direct mail provides consistent advertising results every time. It’s a better alternative to digital marketing because it allows for higher response rates and a higher ROI.

Higher Response Rates

Direct mail has higher response rates because it’s a more targeted approach. Direct mail advertising averages a 9 percent response rate for house lists, and around 5 percent for prospect lists. Meanwhile, digital ads have a painfully low 0.1 percent click-through rate (the digital equivalent of a response rate). On-page ads simply can’t compete.

With direct mail, you can personalize postcards with beautiful images and create highly personalized letters using data targeting. New automated campaigns also strip out much of the time associated with preparing mailers, which allows the ROI to increase rapidly.

You can send an active call to action through direct mail channels. Sharing your mission and goals will enhance your response rates because people are more inclined to seek more information. Inform new and existing members on your organization’s plan and let them know how they can help or get involved. Your response rates will flourish while expanding your member base.

Higher Return on Investment

Physical mail marketing remains a popular advertising option because it provides a reliable return on investment. According to marketing research, direct mail has a median ROI of around 29 percent, compared to 16 percent for display ads.

Many businesses are now laser-focused on building a brand online, which allows direct mail to be a less competitive space and more reliable. While others spend their marketing budget online, you can save money choosing a direct mail option. Your return on investment will be higher than most others because people value direct mail more than digital ads. On-page ads are not as appealing as receiving a colorful, personalized mailer direct to your home. Stand out from the others!

Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing is the best option for long term marketing strategies. A multi-channel approach allows you to build upon your offline and online channels. You can connect both worlds by connecting your mailed items to your online platform. Creating a multi-channel network allows your organization to have better outreach to your members. You will also improve your overall personalization and boost your exposure.

Sticking with only one marketing option isn’t the best approach right now because everyone spends a significant amount of time online. But audiences more appreciate and value physical mail marketing. Reaching your audience through direct mail is a great first approach. You can then introduce them to your digital space to keep them engaged in the long run.

Continuing to check-in with members through your mailers is a wonderful way to keep your presence consistent. Then, gently remind them of how to navigate to your website or app.

Direct Mail is Better with Valtim

Valtim is a leader in delivering direct mail campaigns. We can help target the right audience and create a personalized message to your members. Valtim also recognizes and supports a multi-channel approach that includes a digital presence. Combining your online and offline platforms is relatively easy with Valtim’s marketing techniques. We can help build your brand and expand your mission by showing you how to include online codes and pURLs on your direct mailers. Your ROI and response rates will be better than ever once incorporate a direct mail component to your marketing campaign.

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