The Importance of Frequency in Direct Mail Marketing

By: Andrew Glover
September 9, 2019
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Frequently reaching out to prospects and current members is vital to the growth and stability of your organization and its mission. You need to regularly communicate with your ideal audience to ensure the success of your plans and goals.

The Rule of Seven is an old marketing proverb. It’s the idea that a potential subscriber needs to see or hear an advertisement seven times before they convert. The number seven is not cast in stone though. The truth in this idea is that you can’t just engage in a marketing activity once and then expect your organization to be done. For your organization to be successful, marketing must be an ongoing process.

Digital marketing experts estimated that most Americans are exposed to around 4,000 and 10,000 advertisements every day. Your organization needs to focus on marketing frequency to stay relevant. Otherwise, your marketing will get lost in all the other ads people see throughout their day.

Let’s learn more about frequency and how it can help your engagement among new and current members.

Why is Frequency Important?

You need to target your ideal members and donors for marketing to go well. In today’s world, people are slammed with advertising messages constantly. It can be challenging for your organization to get past all this noise and for people to hear your message. The first few times someone sees your message, it’s likely it won’t wholly register to them. Your prospects are not sitting around, waiting for you to show up. They are busy living their lives, and you may not even be on their radar. But making a lot of noise with frequent communications will put you in their mind and keep you there.

Frequently Engaging with Members

Most organization’s focus on digital marketing as their primary outreach tool. Your organization will have the upper hand in marketing by using direct mail channels in addition to digital options. Frequency does not only refer to how often you send a direct mail piece out. It also refers to how often you send the same piece out.

But the same piece of mail doesn’t need to be identical to the original. Personalizing all direct mail, old and new, allows your organization to stand out even more. You can always give your marketing projects a facelift. Keeping your materials fresh and up to date shows the receiver that you aren’t mailing materials blindly. Adding personal touches to each piece shows them that you care and that you want to grab their attention. Even when it’s easier for you to send the same article to your audience multiple times, it’s best to make some small, personalized touches. The small changes will show the receiver how much you value their attention.

Keeping Members Engaged

Direct mail is a marathon, not a sprint. It is not a one and done mentality. You need to send more than one wave of mailing to get the best results. You need to continue sending the same piece and different pieces over time. One piece of direct mail is rarely enough to capture attention and drive response rates.

Your organization can keep membership engagement high when frequently communicating through direct mail. You can also pique the interest of potential members by regularly reaching out to them and explaining your organization’s goals.

Valtim Can Help Your Frequency with Direct Mail Campaigns

Valtim can help you find out what works best for similar organizations in your industry. We can base your campaign on that data to start. Your organization’s marketing strategy will always evolve as you gather more information about responses and conversions.

Valtim is a direct mail specialist. We can help you build a direct mail project from the very beginning or assist with making smaller, personalized changes to existing mailers you used before. No matter your organization’s needs, we can construct highly personalized materials to help share your mission with more people.

By partnering with Valtim, we can ensure you frequently mail communications to prospects and current donors and members. The frequent outreach will help get your mission out to more people and to people who need to see your message more than once.

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