Are Brochures Still Relevant for Direct Mail Marketing?

By: Andrew Glover
February 10, 2020
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Among the many engagement options for non-profits, brochures are great for direct mail marketing. Sending a brochure is an excellent way to educate your targeted audience about your non-profit. They are an efficient way to get your point across. Brochures can be concise, informative, and aesthetically pleasing for your intended audience. Mailing brochures is also quick, cheap, and can save you a good chunk of time in the deliver-stage of your direct mail campaign.

Brochures can effectively convey information to your members. They are one of the best mediums to present the causes your non-profit supports. The tidbits you provide about your organization allow recipients to absorb information quickly.  Furthermore, brochures help you tell potential donors about the history of your organization.

The Benefits of a Brochure

Brochures are handy booklets with information on your organization or on-going campaigns. Here are a few of the benefits a brochure brings to your direct mail marketing efforts. 

Visually Appealing

When you design your brochures, it’s helpful to consider the visual impact your material will have when it’s first received. The more useful and attractive your brochure is, the longer its life with your member, and the higher the chance it will be passed on to other potential members. There are many elements to a brochure. Focus on a mixture of elements, including the font, the content, and the type of paper. Also, your brochure will be more visually appealing when you use high-resolution photos. 

Break the Monotony

Printed marketing brochures are a surprising break from other types of direct mail. Most organizations send generic envelopes filled with a text-filled letter. When you send a brochure, it’s delightfully unexpected. Brochures are colorful and break up the monotony of the other contents in a person’s mailbox. You can use an unusual fold, play with your pictures, and use great graphics.

Spacious and Cost-Effective

Brochures can incorporate an extensive amount of information in a small amount of space. They are known for being compact, both in shape and messaging. Brochures offer a plethora of information for their size. A well-done brochure gives prospects a good idea of what your organization is all about and what you have to offer.

The budget is always at the forefront of all marketing campaigns. Brochures are relatively cost-effective, and if done correctly, they can enjoy a very long lifespan. As such, a well-designed brochure can have a far better ROI thanks to the increased lifespan of the marketing material. 

How to Create a Long-Lasting Message

Discover what your members want to know. Lay out the information in your brochures in a way that answers their questions as they would arise in a conversation. You can start your brochure with a brief index that summarizes the point covered in the booklet.

Give your prospects and members a reason to look inside. You need to grab their attention with your cover because it will motivate the person to read further. Provide a thought-provoking statement that promises the reader will discover benefits if they read it in the future.

On the inside of your cover, dive right into a paragraph about your members’ needs and your mission. Then follow this with a bulleted list of the brochure’s remaining contents that will offer solutions to all those needs. Finally, towards the end of your message, include your call to action. With all these elements, you can create a long-lasting message that will continue to be useful when you order a bulk amount of brochures.

Design and Mailing Brochures with Valtim

Valtim offers many different types of direct mailing options. One of the available options is a brochure. We can assist you in designing a brochure that is visually appealing and filled with informative details about your organization at affordable prices. We also assist with cost-effectively mailing the pamphlets.

If you want to send more than just a brochure, we have a classic package option. The classic package has a standard envelope with an enclosed letter and response form. They also include additional mail pieces like a brochure.

Contact Valtim to get started on your brochure design.

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