5 Direct Mail Marketing Goals for 2020

By: Andrew Glover
January 28, 2020

Outreach and fundraising are critical to the success of any non-profit. No matter the goal of your outreach, you must be able to make a personal connection with your target audience. There are many tried and true ways to use direct mail. Your 2020 direct mail marketing campaigns must fit into an ever-shifting marketing landscape so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Here are five goals you should pay attention to as you craft your marketing strategy for 2020.

Start Cross-Channel Marketing

Integrating your direct mail and digital channels is an excellent goal for 2020. Cross-channel marketing is the future of marketing. Coordinate your direct mail advertising efforts to make them more integrated with your digital campaigns. Tie in different channels to provide a seamless marketing approach, and make sure you’re engaging potential donors across the various different channels they may be using.

You will also boost your brand recognition by using the same branding across all your marketing channels. Cohesive branding will enhance the effect of all your offline and online marketing efforts.

Become a Storyteller

The storytelling aspect of a letter is an essential element of direct mail. You want to catch the reader’s attention. A great way to pull in the reader is by sharing a story. You can share your story or write the story of an individual.

Your non-profit has a unique story. Tell people about your organization’s struggles and triumphs. Sharing your story shows you’re a credible organization and trustworthy with their contribution. The essential elements include the inspiration of your non-profit foundation, how the organization has grown, and the success you’ve had so far.

Providing stories of individuals is a method of inspiring donors. There is a phenomenon called “collapse of compassion,” which is when people face multiple victims of circumstance. A “collapse of compassion” happens because when people see numerous victims, they will try controlling their emotions; otherwise, it might be too difficult to absorb. When writing a story in a direct mail letter, you can evoke sympathy in the reader by focusing on a single person’s story. A message focused on one person helps reduce the “collapse of compassion.” This creates the most effective sympathetic outcome in your reader and increases the chance of them donating.

Create Skimmable Letters

It should only take a few minutes for your supporter to finish reading your letter. Direct mail that is too long or difficult to understand is likely to lose their attention. Make a conscious effort to use simple sentences, uncomplicated words, and direct call-to-action statements. Shorter sentences get the point across much easier. Straightforward language helps clarify your reason for writing to the member and ensures they know what the next step is for the donation process.

Use a “You-Attitude” in Fundraising Letters

A “you-attitude” is found in business writing and is used to connect with the reader better. The concept of a “you-attitude” is that people tend to be more interested in their actions than in the writer’s needs. Therefore, the most valuable word you can include in your writing is the word “you.” Instead of framing your sentences around the needs of the organization, frame them around the action of the donor. For instance, don’t say, “We implore you to contribute for…” Instead, say, “Your donation will help us to…” You are telling the reader how important they are instead of telling someone about the importance of your organization.

Include Important Fundraising Words

Some keywords and phrases are the most effective at grabbing the attention of your members. Using the donor’s name captures their attention more quickly. Then, including the term “tax-deductible” explains the benefit they receive when giving to your organization. They will feel good about helping others, but they will also receive a tax write-off.

As previously mentioned, using “you” enables you to connect with your donors and put the donation in perspective for them rather than the organization. Using “you” makes them feel more connected and willing to give.

Another great term is “give.” Many organizations use the word “support” in their fundraising letters. Be direct with your readers and ask them to “give” or “donate” instead of using the word “support,” which has various meanings.

Goal Setting with Valtim

Valtim can assist you with all your marketing goals for the new year. Whether you are focusing on building a multi-channel marketing platform or searching for a better way to bring in donations, we can guide you along the way year-round. Contact Valtim to see how we can help you improve your direct mail marketing in 2020.

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