Digital Printing vs. Cost Cutting

By: Andrew Glover
April 17, 2018

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. While digital printing can cost a few more pennies-per-piece, it can help achieve your goals in a way cost cutting can’t. Digital printing is a great option when it comes to your printing needs. The quality of digital printing considerably outweighs any other options that may save you a few pennies here and there. Think past the mentality of “printing is printing” because digital printing is superior to offset printing options and the quality is worth the small additional cost involved.

The Quality of Digital Printing

There’s no questioning the quality achieved by digital printing. A lot of companies will state that offset printing is the way to go if your business needs to print in large quantities. But digital printing can tackle large amounts while capturing better quality than offset printing.

The machines used for digital and offset printing are very different, and it’s important for a company to understand that one is superior to the other. Offset printing is an older version of print that involves using a plate on which the material to be printed is engraved. Then the engraved material is transferred with ink to a rubber blanket and then finally the material is transferred to the finished material. That seems like a lengthy process, right? Digital printing skips a lot of those steps by jumping straight to printing on the final material.

Digital printing allows your materials to be more customized as well. Since offset printing uses plates, it’s challenging to make changes to your project. Digital printing doesn’t use plates, making it much easier to make changes if you don’t like an aspect of the formatting or colors after you have sent your original idea for printing.

This is important to remember when it comes to changing names on different materials. Including someone’s name on a print is much easier with digital because the name can be added and changed without hesitation. If you need to add or change a name with offset printing, it’s time-consuming and costly to modify the plates each time. Digital printing also allows you to print samples and check for formatting and coloring accuracy. If the sample doesn’t look how you imagined, then it can be easily changed, and multiple samples can be viewed easily before printing the entire batch.

The Value of Digital Printing

Valtim understands that keeping business projects affordable is vital to all companies. The value of digital printing outweighs the value of offset printing. The quality is incredibly valuable for digital printing. Valtim ensures that we can keep digital printing cost-effective compared to other printing companies. On paper, digital printing may be more expensive than offset printing, but the quality will be superior with digital prints and allow your marketing materials to appear more professional. The appearance of digitally printed materials will allow you to appreciate the value of opting for digital over offset.

A lot of companies are environmentally conscious now. Digital printing is an eco-friendlier alternative than offset because there are no prepress procedures as with offset printing. There are no plates, chemicals, or extra materials used, allowing digital printing to be eco-friendlier. If your company wants to be more environmentally conscious, then the small additional cost of digital printing should be worth it. The turnaround is much quicker on projects too since digital printing skips the prepress procedures, so you should be able to get your projects returned quicker than an offset option.

Digital Printing is Trending Up

Many companies are switching to digital printing for many reasons. Digital printing has proven to be more productive and reliable compared to offset printing. Since digital is more productive and reliable, it’s become more cost-effective over higher runs. Digital printing is better at capturing changing demands as well.

Digital Printing Quality and Value is Worth the Cost

Companies shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for quantity when both are available through digital printing machines. When you break apart the pros and cons of digital printing, the pros outweigh the cons, and the cost isn’t that much more than offset printing. Between the quality, eco-friendliness, and quick turnaround, the value is apparent when it comes to choosing digital printing. Let Valtim help you see the quality of digital printing for your next project.

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