High Speed Mail Inserting

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Valtim Marketing Solutions is equipped with the right tools to complete your high volume and complex mail inserting jobs. Once your letter or package has been printed we use our advanced mail inserting systems to quickly and accurately package your inserts into your envelope for efficient and affordable mail delivery.  Our technology includes mail-matching 2-D barcoding to ensure that your individually addressed letter makes it into the right envelope with the right inserts. With five mail inserting machines, running as quickly as 22,000 per hour, Valtim is your best choice for high volume, personalized, or complex mail inserting jobs.

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6 pocket inserter, High speed inserter, capable of inserting up to 22,000 letter packages per hour.

6 pocket inserter, MCS Perfect Match read and print for match mail, Postmatic Stamper and Data Pac Meter.

9 pocket inserter, Data Pac Meter.

Our Flowmaster RS with the MSC Perfect Match uses camera technology to track each item of your match mail through the inserter, into the envelope, until it reaches the inkjet where it inkjets the matching address for the package.

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