Purpose-Driven Marketing with Direct Mail

By: Andrew Glover
March 5, 2020

Purpose-driven marketing has swiftly become a central issue in the world of branding. But organizations should be cautious when they explore and implement purpose-driven marketing because these types of campaigns easily backfire. When organizations treat causes as nothing more than a marketing statement, they risk cheapening the importance of the very issues they are bringing attention toward in their message. 

When it comes to purpose-driven marketing, actions speak louder than words. Humans are encouraged by purpose. We seek meaning in our lives, and we have the need to make a difference actively. Your organization should put its purpose-driven plan in motion before you send your marketing materials. By showing you mean what you say, your prospects and members will trust your message and not view the materials as just a way to get attention. Practice what you preach, and your membership will flourish. 

Let’s explore more about purpose-driven marketing and how you can implement it in your next direct mail campaign. 

What Is Purpose-Driven Marketing?

Purpose-driven marketing is a way for your organization to bond with a target audience based on shared needs and interests. Those shared interests could involve supporting a worthy cause. A purpose-driven marketing campaign highlights an organization’s social purpose and impact.

Rally Around a Purpose in a Meaningful Way

People appreciate organizations that rally around a purpose. Your brand can rally around a purpose in a meaningful way, which will help bring awareness to an issue while gaining appreciation from your members.

 One five-year study that showed:

  • 47% of global consumers purchased brands monthly that supported a good cause.
  • 72% of consumers recommended a brand that supported a good cause over one that didn’t.
  • 73% of consumers would switch brands if a different brand of similar quality supported a good cause.

Connect Your Actions to Your Purpose

Connecting your actions to your purpose is an excellent way of building a relationship around your membership while also helping a cause. For example, the brand Patagonia updated its mission statement to “We’re in business to save our home planet.” Patagonia delivered on their mission by replacing conventional cotton in its clothing with 100% organic cotton because growing conventional cotton involved using materials that harm the earth.

Share a Narrative and Make a Long-Term Commitment

People need to know what you’re doing for your organization to have an impact. Your organization must create a compelling narrative about your commitment to a cause. Purpose-driven marketing is more than a single advertisement. Bring awareness to your cause frequently and always strive to spread information. You can encourage others to stay focused on a mission while continuing your organization’s journey in solving a problem at the same time. 

The more people involved in resolving an issue, the higher the chances that they’ll arrive at a solution. Keep your organization involved long-term to show that you care about fixing the problem. That level of care can spread to many other people.

Purpose-Driven Direct Mail Marketing

Many organizations have barely scratched the surface of what they can achieve with purpose-driven marketing. Direct mail is an excellent medium for this type of brand focusing. You can show your members that you want to make a difference.

You can share your organization’s purpose-driven success stories in a postcard or send educational content in a brochure or flyer. You can teach and empower prospects and members with a variety of materials in a direct mail package. The options are endless, no matter what information you want to share about your chosen purpose. Taking on an issue and telling inspiring stories will inspire others and help boost your ROI from a direct mail campaign.

Creating a Purpose-Drive Direct Mail Campaign with Valtim

Valtim offers a large variety of direct mail options. Your organization has many options to choose from when designing a purpose-driven marketing project. Our experienced professionals can help you stay focused on your chosen purpose and guide you through the direct mail options. No matter what stage your organization is in, we can provide the best choice for your message and mission.

Contact Valtim to see how we can help you with your next purpose-driven marketing project.

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