Print-On-Demand with Digital Printing

By: Andrew Glover
May 1, 2018

There was a time when it wasn’t economical to print small batches of documents using digital printing, but that time is no more. Digital printing has continued to advance throughout the years. It now costs less to print-on-demand in small batches with digital printing machines, and there are many other benefits as well.

What is Print on Demand?

Print-on-Demand is the ability to have your print or mail house only print the required number of pices to fulfill a specific order. Instead of having to print large quantities of material and then deal with carrying costs, waste, and spoilage.

Benefits of Printing on Demand

No Plates

One of the biggest differences between traditional offset printing and digital printing is that digital printing doesn’t require the use of expensive printing plates. The lack of a need for printing plates allows digital printing to have a minimal setup and faster turn times.

Inventory Control

Printing-on-demand allows you to have better control of your inventory. Often, printing in bulk instead of small batches will leave the buyer with a stockpile of inventory in a storage room or warehouse that goes unused. Most of the time the items left in storage become outdated and can’t be used after a certain amount of time. With print-on-demand, you can print in smaller quantities and only use what you need. This allows you to control your inventory and make rapid changes to your printed pieces without having to worry about depleting any overstocked material first.

Control Your Costs

Printing-on-demand allows you better control of your printing budget. Since you can control how much you will print, you don’t risk spending a lot of money on marketing materials that may go to waste. Also you don’t have to pay storage and transportation costs associated with large bulk printing operations. Instead, you can print in smaller batches and order more quantities when needed. The control is better and allows your budget to be monitored more closely with each printing purchase.


It’s estimated that 30% of some companies’ printed materials is thrown away each year. Printing-on-demand with digital printing helps eliminate waste in many forms. One way is by helping avoid a large inventory of materials that will go unused and thrown away. Another way waste is reduced using digital printing is because digital printing doesn’t use plates and chemicals. Digital printing goes directly from the machine to the paper, unlike offset printing. Digital also doesn’t emit harmful chemicals into the air. So not only are you helping your companies budget, you are choosing an eco-friendlier option when opting for digital printing.

Other Perks

Print-on-demand allows you to customize marketing materials to your customers. For instance, you can include a customer’s actual name in the document or add a specific message to a targeted group of customers. So, if you want one message for new clients and a different message for existing clients, digital printing-on-demand gives you that ability and flexibility.

By printing-on-demand, you can update your marketing materials when you see fit. You no longer need to worry about using up old marketing materials first. You can change your marketing as little or as much as you would like and not worry about spending too much money or wasting too many documents.

There’s also a faster turnaround time with print-on-demand. Since you aren’t waiting for a large batch to be printed and shipped, you will receive your materials quicker.

Print-on-Demand with Valtim

With low setup costs, buyers can reduce inventory carrying costs by printing-on-demand, which allows companies to only produce what they need for any given marketing campaign. Valtim has excellent digital printing capabilities that will enable you to print as much or as little as you need with each project. We are familiar with customization as well and can help adjust marketing projects to meet the needs of your company and clients.

Give Valtim a call to learn how we can help your print-on-demand needs.

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