Picking a Digital Printing Supplier

By: Elementor Support
April 20, 2018

Picking a digital printing supplier can feel very overwhelming. There are many different printing companies to search through, and a large number of products and pricing to look through as well. Some important factors to keep in mind while researching include thinking past the price, focusing on quality and the service you will receive, and looking for a reputable digital printing supplier that you can trust with your current and upcoming digital print projects.

What it comes down to picking a digital printing supplier, it’s best not to choose blindly. And with over 9,000 printing companies in the United States alone, your choice could seem a bit overwhelming. Your best option is to go with a company that has a consistent reputation for high-quality work, combined with the latest technology to get your projects done correctly.

Seek out a company that offers reasonably priced, high-quality products that are offered at a price that makes sense, with the type of printing methods that will quickly draw attention.

Think Past Price

The biggest mistake a business can make when choosing a printing supplier is focusing solely on price. When you focus on the cost alone, you will find yourself dissatisfied with the quality or unhappy with the service you receive throughout your project completion. Cost saving is always going to be an important factor when starting a project. However, going for the cheapest option almost always results in receiving a service where corners are cut in order to maximize profits. You’ll likely find yourself disappointed with the finished product if your only concern is the price of the company’s products and services.

Think past the price when picking your digital printing supplier. You can avoid completing a project twice by going with a reputable company that offers a balanced approach between fair prices and quality.

Not Every Printing Company is the Same

It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that printing is printing, right? That’s far from the truth though. There are many different ways to print a project, mainly offset printing or digital printing. Not every company offers digital printing. Many companies only provide offset printing. Offset printing is an older version of printing that often doesn’t have the flexibility that digital printing has. So, it’s critical you choose a company that offers high-quality digital materials, like Valtim, if you want your projects to appear the best.


Companies want a printing supplier that is reliable. One of the last things you want to happen is not receiving a finished project on time after spending so much money. Another reason reliability is important is that once you receive the project, whether on time or not, you want the quality to be perfect. Otherwise, you wasted a lot of time on a poor-quality product and had to start all over again. Investing time to research the printing company before committing can reduce or eliminate the chances of having to spend double just to get the a printing project redone.

Valtim as Your Digital Printing Supplier

Not all print suppliers are the same. Additionally, many “digital print” suppliers often treat jobs like they are offset. Choosing a provider who knows how to work in the digital print space can decrease turnaround time, reduce error, and increase ROI. Valtim offers innovative solutions that can adapt to your business environment. We also offer ongoing support and consultation complete with recommendations to fulfill your business needs.

Valtim has highly knowledgeable printers that can ensure you receive the best quality and service available for the price you pay. We have case studies available to read on our website that prove our results with companies we have served. We also have a list of clients’ available on our website to allow future clients to see who trusts us as their digital print supplier. Word of mouth speaks volumes when choosing any service, including digital printing.

We are helpful and easy to work with while completing your project needs. Let Valtim show you why we have been invested in digital printing for over 10 years.

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