Integrating Print into Your Digital Marketing Strategy

By: Elementor Support
April 25, 2018

In a technologically-full world, many companies have the belief that print is dead because it’s outdated and old-fashioned. But the truth is print is not dead, and it allows a lot more room for creativity. Part of the problem is that almost everything is digital now. Even though TV ads have been around for many years, they are still relevant despite the usage of computers and smartphones. Many people crave the simplicity and personalization of printed advertising because they are tired of being flooded with emails in their inbox.

Print materials have grown and evolved while marketers have increased their focus around digital. Integrating print alongside your digital marketing strategy has many benefits. Statistically, search engine marketing and online banner ads have the lower success rates compared to print promotions. Many people in studies have also stated they make their decision regarding what companies to support by reading print materials opposed to coming across online digital information.

So, combining print alongside your digital marketing can boost your company’s exposure more than if you stick with digital only and never introduce print advertising to your marketing plan.


One of the easiest ways to mix your digital and printed marketing is by integrating your digital accounts into the printed materials. Don’t stop digital advertising altogether. Instead, find a balance between your digital exposure and your print footprint.

One way to observe your cross-pollination marketing is by using QR codes and personalized URLs to track the crossover between the two advertising options. QR codes are creative and can be printed onto almost everything, and URLs are easy to browse since nearly everyone has a phone with internet access now. By integrating QR codes and URLs into your printed materials, people can look up content on their phones instantly. Your website’s traffic will boost by people scanning the codes and by browsing the links with their phones. This technique will also allow you to observe when and where your customers are interacting with the printed materials.

Print is Appealing

Print marketing comes in many forms, including business cards, brochures, flyers, signage, postcards and magazines. Print advertising is a fantastic way to attract the attention of potential customers and keep current customers engaged in your company’s activity.

Print allows you to customize the name as well, which is not something achievable through mass digital marketing. Adding someone’s name to a marketing material makes it more personal and adds an emotional connection with your targeted market. It’s also been researched that people spend more time reading physical articles than they devote digital reading content.

Print can allow you to achieve better results with calls to action. For instance, you can encourage readers to go to your social media pages by printing that request on your printed content. This allows you to keep new and existing clients engaged in the printed material and the digital options available, like your social media pages.

Print and Digital Work Better Together

Applying all your marketing budgets to one medium limits your brand’s engagement and ability to reach current and potential clients. A better mentality is to expand your marketing through the printed world and the digital environment.

The creative possibilities with print are endless. Digital marketing is a usually faster project to complete and get across to customers. Both options are different mediums and have various advantages and disadvantages. Print and digital marketing are better together.

Valtim and Print Advertising

With so many companies relying solely on digital marketing, you have the opportunity to stand-out by opting for printed materials. It may be concerning to imagine spending funds on print and digital marketing. Valtim has a lot of products and services available. We can help find the best option for your company based on your marketing goals and budget.

Work with Valtim to get the most out of your digital marketing strategy by integrating print into your communication channels.

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