How Much Does Direct Mail Cost?

By: Elementor Support
March 27, 2018

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Direct mail is a straightforward method of communication that allows organizations to communicate directly with members and market their brand. Though one of the more traditional methods of marketing and outreach, direct mail excels in communication due to its versatility. Direct mail can range from a classic package to a postcard. However, due to the versatility in the types of direct mail you can send, direct mailing can often vary in price.

Direct Mail Cost

As mentioned previously, the versatility of direct mail can lead to a fluctuation in price. The type of mail piece you decide on, how intricate your piece is, and the size or quantity of your mail piece all play a role in the total cost to you. You should consider that if your direct mail is large in size, detailed, and/or contains numerous mail pieces, it is bound to be on the pricier side. Of course, you’ll want to ensure that the type of direct mail you ultimately decide on is appropriate for the content you plan to have on your mail pieces, disregarding the price. Nevertheless, below are two factors that play a role in direct mail costs:

  • Fixed Costs: Fixed costs are costs that stay the same no matter how many mail pieces you send out. For example, creative or management costs on behalf of your organization would remain the same.
  • Variable Costs: Variable costs are costs that change with the quantity. Examples of variable costs include postage, printing, mailing lists, and mailing.

These two factors (especially variable costs), contribute to the reason why direct mail costs can easily fluctuate. Different variables account for why mailing a brochure may be cheaper than mailing a letter. Postcard prices, for example, are usually cheaper to mail than full letters. The more parts and labor involved in your mail piece, the more it costs.

Based on that reasoning, classic packages (usually involving an envelope, letter, response form, and on occasion a brochure/flyer) are often some of the most expensive options because of the multiple parts they contain. On the other hand, postcards (mailed in small or standard size) are typically the least expensive form of direct mail because they generally require no extra materials (i.e. an envelope).

Regardless of the type of mail you choose, you should also remember that who (if applicable) you decide to design and send your direct mail with also plays a role in the total costs. Not every marketing company charges the same rate, so you’ll want to consider that when deciding on a marketing company to assist you with your direct mail campaign.

Let Valtim Help With Your Direct Mail Costs

Depending on type, postage, and quantity, Direct Mail Campaigns can range from only a few cents per piece, to a few dollars per piece. However, by working with a direct mail supplier, such as Valtim Marketing Solutions, you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your direct mail costs. To have your mail pieces designed, customized, and supplied the right way, contact Valtim.

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