Flexibility of Digital Printing

By: Elementor Support
May 4, 2018

When running your direct mail marketing campaign, you’ll want to ensure that your printing needs are properly handled with the correct printing method. Nowadays, more organizations are relying on digital printing, as opposed to other printing methods, to handle their printing needs. Digital printing offers a series of benefits for organizations, such as the personalization of mail pieces. With the flexibility of digital printing, organizations can print and send out mail pieces at desired speeds and more.

How Flexible is Digital Printing?

As mentioned, digital printing offers organizations the ability to customize mail pieces with its variable data capability. That means that elements including text, images, and graphics can be altered per mail piece. This feature allows organizations to send mail pieces that better target or appeal to the recipient, thus improving response rates. Besides having the ability to personalize mail pieces, digital printing offers organizations the luxury of printing in specific quantities.

Let’s say an organization only wants to print 1,000 pieces to mail to specific members. With digital printing, an organization has the ability to print that amount. Rather than having to print in bulk, which is often the result of offset printing, the flexibility of digital printing allows you to print as much or as little as you like.

With digital printing being used more by organizations, the digital print industry is improving with more advanced printer models. Digital printing is becoming desired more by organizations due to its fast printing speeds. Whether you print in monochrome or full-color, digital printing has the ability to print at fast rates in both color options.

There are also digital printer models like the HP Indigo that have the capability of printing various print mediums (i.e. newspapers, magazines) at fast rates, no matter its thickness. This feature allows organizations to print a variety of mail pieces at fast rates no matter the size or color. If an organization wants to send full color postcards to one group of recipients and monochrome letters to another group, they are fully able to do so all at a fast rate.

With its fast printing rates, variable data capability, and flexible color and printing quantity options, digital printing has become quite prominent in the printing industry and even more so for its affordability. Because digital printing is so flexible, organizations are more in charge of their budget and can print accordingly without spending too much or too little. Organizations can save time and money using digital printing while also effectively appealing to recipients. With digital printing, you can print high quality, personalized mail pieces at affordable rates and increase both response rates and the amount of donations received by your organization.

Let Valtim Handle Your Digital Printing Needs

The flexibility of digital printing has enabled many organizations to use the digital printing method to aid their marketing campaigns. Valtim offers professional digital printing services to organizations to properly assist them with their marketing efforts. With the newest technology, such as HP’s indigo paper, Valtim can help marketing agencies and departments expand their print creativity with high variability, specialty inks, and thousands of print mediums. Contact Valtim to see how we can propel your marketing campaign with digital printing.

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