Direct Mail Technology: Using QR Barcodes

By: Andrew Glover
September 18, 2018

Marketing your organization to the fullest is essential for recruiting more members and donors. Direct mail marketing campaigns, welcome kits, emails, and call centers are all great methods for acquiring and retaining members. Nevertheless, it is important for organizations to reach a larger audience through the use of direct mail technology.

Organizations can integrate technology into their direct mail marketing campaigns to appeal to a variety of individuals. One such way to integrate technology into your campaign is through QR barcodes. QR barcodes allow organizations to market their brand to individuals via multiple channels, thus maximizing ROI.

Benefits of Using QR Barcodes

As mentioned earlier, QR barcodes give organizations the ability to market their brand via multiple outlets. Organizations can include a QR barcode on their letters to recipients which recipients can scan to access the organization’s website, for example. If your organization is having a donating event, you can send members announcements along with a unique QR barcode that leads them directly to the donation page, where they can donate instantly. QR barcodes allow members to perform actions and access information quickly.

In addition, here are some of the benefits QR barcodes provide to organizations:

Combines Marketing Tactics/Increased Exposure

QR barcodes act as the connection between the print and digital channels. With QR barcodes, members are able to access an organization’s online information as well as read the information they received in print from the organization. With QR barcodes, organizations don’t have to worry about creating two entirely separate marketing campaigns, thus saving time and money.

Additionally, individuals also save the time they would have spent accessing an organization’s information themselves through an online search. Through the use of QR barcodes, individuals can quickly access the organization’s website or intended designation, which also increases an organization’s online visibility.


QR barcodes can be used for practically anything. Want to promote your website to individuals? Use a QR barcode. Want to advertise a new event your organization is hosting? Use a QR barcode. QR barcodes act as a useful marketing tool for organizations that want to advertise their website, causes, or events without having to consistently spend money on advertising costs.

Maximizes ROI/Response Rates

Speaking of costs, QR barcodes maximize an organization’s ROI because of the increased exposure they provide. QR barcodes provide a direct link to whatever you want them to link to, whether it be your website or a specific donation page. With their ease of use, individuals are more inclined to use QR barcodes to look into your website, thus becoming a new member, or donating to your cause.

In a society where most people own a smartphone, individuals will be more inclined to respond to and support an organization that uses modern technologies, such as QR barcodes. Like snap codes, for example, organizations can also create unique and appealing QR codes that enable individuals to scan the code and immediately load the information you want to send. Unique QR barcodes that provide immediate access to the information you are marketing to individuals can increase response rates and generate more revenue.

Let Valtim Integrate QR Barcodes into your Marketing Campaigns

QR codes offer a bridge between your print mail and the digital world. With lots of options out there, like “snap codes,” “smile codes,” and “FB messenger codes,” you are no longer limited to ugly black and white square boxes. Work with Valtim to help identify the best way to connect your print and digital channels for maximum ROI.

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