Direct Mail Conversion Rates

By: Elementor Support
March 13, 2018

The biggest decision an organization can make is if they are going to advertise digitally or through the direct mail. There’s a lot to consider regarding advertising, including the price and the effectiveness of the choice you make. You may assume that digital marketing is more effective in a technologically savvy world, but digital marketing has a lower conversion rate than direct mail conversion rates.

Digital marketers may spread myths to expand their digital marketing sales. Be wary of what digital ad sellers share. Despite the claims to the contrary, direct mail is far from a dead industry. In fact, direct mail has a far superior conversion rate than digital advertising.

Direct Mail Conversion Rates Facts

Direct Mail Conversion Rates Statistics

The Direct Marketing Association analyzed data recently and discovered direct mail has up to a 4.4% response rate. Compared to email, which has a 0.12% response rate. The precise numbers can fluctuate from month to month depending on a variety of variables, but direct mail consistently overpowers digital options.

The Direct Marketing Association states direct mail conversion rates can range anywhere from 10 to 30 times higher than digital. That is a significantly better return on investment compared to the alternative.

Why Direct Mail Works

Think about how many emails you receive per day compared to how many pieces of mail arrive in your mailbox each day. Most likely, your email inbox and spam folder are littered with a much higher amount of content than your mailbox. Everyone’s emails have similar amounts of clutter. The clutter prevents most people from filtering through what they genuinely want to read and what is actual spam. A lot of legitimate advertising is lost in the clutter for that reason. Direct mail is far less cluttered, and a company has a much higher chance of a customer reading the advertisement instead of ignoring it.

Direct Mail Isn’t Going Away

There may be younger company owners who have never considered direct mail advertising because direct mail seems like an ancient option. Receiving mail seems like a thing of the past to many people. But the truth is that everyone still receives mail even if it isn’t from a pen pal. Organizations utilize the mailing services every day. Focus on the statistics when making your advertising decisions. Far from an advertising method from the past, direct mail is not only affordable, but the conversion rates are significantly higher. Additionally, direct mail is far more technologically advanced than ever, with personalization options that rival digital advertising. You will achieve a better return on your investment by using direct mail, and Valtim can help you every step of the way.

Improve Direct Mail Conversion Rates with Valtim

Despite the growing popularity of digital advertising, direct mail is still the best performing ad channel with both leading responses rates and return on investment. Valtim has many direct mail options that can be customized to complete your advertising project. We can help you throughout the entire project to ensure your experience is efficient time-wise and advertising-wise. Our services are available online so even though you are completing a direct mail project all your selections can be made online.

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