Digital Printing Means Going Green

By: Andrew Glover
April 27, 2018

There are many benefits to choosing digital printing over offset printing. In this day and age, it’s never been easier to do the right thing and go green. With an ecological frame of mind, digital printing is naturally eco-friendly compared to its counterpart.

Digital printing is more eco-friendly than traditional offset printing options. We need to protect our environment, and one major way to help the situation is by companies focusing on lowering their carbon footprint. An easy way to do that is by switching your printing from offset over to digital. Each printing option follows a different method and offset printing requires more steps and materials than digital does. Since digital cuts back on materials and equipment, it’s a far greener option for your company to consider when choosing its printing needs.

Digital Printing is Better than Just Digital

You may find yourself thinking it would be greener to eliminate printing entirely from your marketing strategy. But the fact is that digital printing is better than just digital, online marketing. Printing helps sustain our forests for many reasons. There are many techniques used that have allowed us to have more trees now than we did a hundred years ago. Old trees are used to make paper and make room for new trees.

There are people who understand our forests better now than in the past which also allows the growing and harvesting of trees to provide millions of jobs around the world. Many logging operations will now plant more trees than they pull from the ground, creating a net surplus in tree cover. Also, paper from trees is biodegradable and renewable, which in itself is green. This compared to large data warehouse used to power digital marketing campaigns, which use significant amounts of energy, and often use natural resources such as rivers, to expel heat to cool their computer infrastructure. So, not only can digital printing be environmentally friendly, but it’s also a more effective way to reach new and potential clients compared to an online-only marketing strategy.

Green Benefits of Digital Printing

No Plates or Chemicals

Offset printing requires the use of plates and chemicals. Each time a new design is needed, a new plate is created. This involves a lot of time, materials, and equipment. Digital printing doesn’t use plates or chemicals so not only is it eco-friendlier, but it’s a more time effective printing method.

Also, since digital doesn’t require the use of plates, plate-making equipment is also not needed. Digital prints directly to the product, so the equipment is a lot more straightforward. Digital eliminates the use of film, spray powders, and cleaning solvents as well. Digital also does not have the same solid waste disposal requirements as its offset competitor.

Air Quality

Pollution is a major problem in many cities around the world. One way to help the environment is to be aware of the pollution pumped into the air. People aren’t the only ones breathing in harmful chemicals; animals and plants are impacted as well. Offset printing produces harmful emissions and requires ventilation. But digital presses operate so cleanly that they can be used in standard office environments.

When given the option to print cleanly or to print with harmful chemicals, the choice should be an easy one. If a clean choice is available, why look the other way?

On-Demand Printing

Digital printing is on demand and allows you only to print what you need when you need it. Printing exact quantities are easier with digital which allows inventory waste to be minimal. The waste issue with press set-up, misregister, and color variation are eliminated with digital too. When there’s less waste produced, then there’s less waste to dispose of.

Green with Valtim

Digital printing requires less waste, less transportation, fewer storage costs, and fewer harmful chemicals. This means huge environmental benefits. Work with Valtim to reduce your carbon footprint by choosing digital printing for your next long-run print job.

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