Beyond “Dear John” – Importance of Digital Printing

By: Elementor Support
April 3, 2018

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When sending mail pieces to your recipients, it is important to make each piece personal and more relatable per recipient. Usually, an organization will include the recipient’s name on the mail piece or incorporate their name within the content. Nevertheless, personalization shouldn’t stop at simply writing “Dear John”. With digital printing personalization, organizations can create more unique mail pieces to ensure greater response rates and closer relationships with members.

What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing is a printing method that utilizes toner, which can be found in laser and large liquid ink printers, to print mail pieces. Digital printing is ideal for those looking to print smaller quantities of paper (< 100,000 pieces) and who are looking to produce more uniquely designed campaigns for smaller audiences.

For example, if you need to print < 100,000 newsletters, digital printing would be the best printing method. In order to customize your mail pieces accordingly to each recipient, you’ll want to use digital printing. Digital printing includes variable data capabilities allowing you to customize the content of your mail piece beyond just using different recipient names on the content.

With variable data capabilities, you are able to alter graphics, texts, font, images, and other elements of your mail pieces, one by one. For example, if it is one of your recipients’ birthday, you can alter the content on that mail piece to include a short birthday message. With this method, you can ensure that every piece is unique and specifically crafted for each recipient. Using digital printing personalization techniques for your mail pieces will illustrate to members how much your organization values them as an individual. In turn, your recipients will be more inclined to respond and support your organization.

You can also improve your fundraising efforts through digital printing. For example, if your organization is supporting a new cause, you can include the amount each recipient donated last time and suggest various amounts they can donate this time around, according to their previous donation. A simple edit in donation information can be done per mail piece just by using the variable data option in digital printing. Along with digital printing personalization being beneficial for an organization’s donor efforts, the act of digital printing is also more cost effective.

Digital printing allows organizations to alter content piece by piece without slowing down the printing process. With its variable data capabilities, digital printing is often used in direct marketing campaigns and is often ideal for organizations mailing self-mailers, postcards, and brochures. As all content is printed directly onto the material, digital printing is often considered eco-friendly and easy to produce.

Let Valtim Help with Digital Printing

Digital printing opens the door to greater variability. Marketers can now use their big data to modify every aspect of their marketing pieces, including personalized pictures and images, font styles and colors, and even design layouts. At Valtim, we help organizations reach their targeted groups successfully with our variable data and digital printing services. Let Valtim help you analyze your data and design a mail piece that takes full advantage of our digital printing capabilities.

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