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The Valtim Outbound Contact Center is staffed by a dedicated team of professionals equipped to handle large volumes of outbound calls. Our center features the latest in cutting-edge predictive dialing features, as well as call recording and analyzing functions.

Valtim representatives are knowledgeable, courteous and well trained in the requirements of each campaign, positioning them as brand ambassadors of the clients we serve. Our Managers and Supervisors provide quality assurance and regularly monitors and evaluates calls throughout  the course of each campaign, and provides constructive feedback to improve caller performance and customer experience.

  • Thank You Calls

    Let our outbound call center help you show appreciation by calling your supporters and thanking them for their financial or in-kind support.

  • Followup Calls

    Our call center agents can place followup calls to your members or customer base to ensure that they have the best customer experience possible. These could be placed after service appointments, event attendance, or for customer satisfaction calls.

  • Prescreening Calls

    Our call center agents can help your organization pre-screen a list of applicants, candidates, or participants with your organization. We work closely with your admissions departments / recruiting efforts to identify highly qualified leads based off a provided candidate pool.

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