Contact Center Solutions

Contact Center Solutions

Valtim is not just a call center, we are your brand ambassadors. Valtim helps organizations solver their direct communication needs through our contact center solutions. We offer inbound and outbound calling, SMS and Web Chat communication, email response support, and social media monitory. All White labeled under your companies name.

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Inbound Call Center

Valtim offers 7:00am – 11:00pm EST coverage and state of the art contact center technology which enables close monitoring of contact center performance, call wait times, call handling and call recording. We aim for our operators to be an extension of the organizations of which they serve from within our four walls.

Inbound Contact Center

Chat & Social Media Monitoring

In today’s digital age you need to provide many channels of communication for your customers and members. These include online communication tools such as web-based chat and social media. Let Valtim help you support these channels with our state of the art contact center.

Chat & Social Media
outbound call center

Outbound Call Center

The Valtim Outbound Contact Center is staffed by a dedicated team of professionals equipped to handle large volumes of outbound calls. Examples of outbound calling capabilities include thank you calls, followup support calls, and pre-screening calls.

Outbound Call Center

Short Term Campaigns

Whether your focus is to find recruits or to target a specific part of your member base there may come a time when you need to quickly engage in a short term, specialized marketing campaign.

Short Term Campagins

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